Legends never die! Our mission is to place remarkable inspiration on your walls through exclusive artworks of LAL legends.

A portrait of the artist Edu Bryant in his studio. He is holding a tablet digital pen and with LA Lakers old school shoes on his shoulders.


Edu Bryant

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A portrait of the artist Edu Bryant in his studio. He is hugging one of his artworks that features the faces of Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.

Born and raised in a small town in Brazil, Edu's journey as a world-class artist began in the vibrant streets of his childhood. As a young dreamer, he spent his days absorbed in the rhythm of life, painting vivid scenes of his imagination with friends.

His path took an unexpected turn when a group of American expats introduced him to basketball. Drawn to the sport's intensity and grace, Edu found a new passion that fueled his artistic fire. Inspired by the legendary Kobe Bryant, whose influence transcended borders, he honed his skills on the court with the same dedication he poured into his art.

Today, with the mission of creating remarkable inspiration and keep the legends alive, Edu focus on creating exclusive artworks of LAL legends after some good old basketball. A testament to the power of dreams and the fusion of diverse influences.

Edu Bryant Studio is where art, basketball, and the heart of dreamers converge.

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